6 Tips to Reduce Overwhelm new

6 Tips to Reduce Overwhelm new

One of the biggest things I hear from my clients is their feelings of overwhelm.
We have so many responsibilities, distractions, decisions to make, and a myriad of choices all while we are parenting and growing our business, no wonder we feel overwhelmed.
Why do we feel overwhelmed? The definition of overwhelm is to be completely submerged by your thoughts and emotions about all of life’s current problems

Remember that overwhelm is just a feeling and we can change our feelings at any time.

Let me share 6 ways we can reduce overwhelm.

New project overwhelm

This can be overwhelming because you have not done this before and our brain is keeping us in the “safe zone and not wanting us to grow – but you know you are capable of so much more. Take that first overwhelming step. Honestly, it is not as bad as you imagine and one step forward will lead you to another step and then another and before you know it – you have created momentum.

Task Overwhelm

Schedule your tasks written in your calendar. Writing down what you need to do breaks the task down into manageable sections. Remember to check them off when they are completed. There is something so victorious about crossing off your list and “high-fiving” yourself when IT IS DONE!

Situational Overwhelm

When we have too many things on our plate – STOP and recenter yourself – breathe – give yourself the time to really look at the situation from an impartial point of view. Take the emotion out of the situation and try and think clearly. Perhaps go for a walk to clear your head and most often when you return, you can see a clear path forward.


This is a big one because sometimes everything seems important but choose your priorities, focus on what needs to be done in the next hour, before lunch, and then this afternoon, I love using colored markers to highlight my tasks so it is easy to see what has priority (and it looks colorful).

Don’t multitask

Yup, multitasking can lead to overwhelm so focus on one thing at a time before you move onto the next. This is a great ingredient for productivity and less overwhelming.


This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s so true. When we are tired everything gets magnified so try and get a restful 7 plus hours of sleep at night so you can wake up fresh and ready to take on what the day has to present to you.

For more tips and strategies for being productive every day and reducing the stress and overwhelm, let’s talk.