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Social Media Management



Designing posts, stories, and writing content to stop the scroll and increases engagement.

All original imagery and videos with graphic design and video editing  

Each post thoroughly researched and relevant content posted to set your brand up as an authority in your field. 

Schedule a consistency of posts to create scroll stopping visual identity that get clients reaching out to you.

 When I manage your social media, you will have SO MUCH TIME to get on with growing the rest of your business.

Social media management


No more hours spent wondering what to write and design.

I will show you how use Canva like a pro to design your posts.

I will give you my proven formula to write scroll stopping content.

You will know how to easily research hashtags your content is being seen by your ideal clients. 

You will grow your community and get more clients.

You will master the confidence to go “live” on social media.

We will set up three months of social media content in advance (together).

You will learn how to optimise your social channels & build a successful online business. 

And mostly you will start loving your business and seeing results without the overwhelm and pressure.


Pricing tailored to your needs

Sounds good?
Book a discovery call today to discuss the details & next best steps.

What Clients are saying

Client Testimonial

I tripled my sales after my first coaching call with Cindy!

Hiring Cindy has been so transformational in my business, and dare I say, life.

Honestly almost every area of life has improved since I started working with her.

I was feeling extremely discouraged with social media and getting my business out there. I increased my sales within the first 24 hours and started getting responses from people I have been reaching out to for almost a YEAR. 

I don’t know how she does it but she has been invaluable and I would hate to see where I’d be if I hadn’t started working with her.

– Tara Eggenspiller

Growing my visibility on social media and attracting my clients.

There are not enough words to explain how truly grateful I am for Cindy.

I was feeling very overwhelmed in navigating this entrepreneurial and social media life.

Her expertise, knowledge and experience allowed me to strengthen my brand messaging.  I massively grew my visibility on my social media platforms and started getting clients reaching out to me. <br>

She sincerely supports her clients to succeed in their business.

Thank-you so much, Cindy!

– Victoria Poon

Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial

A social media manager who can truly elevate your business.

I have had the pleasure of working with Cindy and it has been a transformative experience for me and my business.  

With her social media knowledge she knows how to get results.  

If you’re looking for a well rounded, talented and driven social media manager who can help you elevate your business – I highly recommend Cindy!

– Ananya Datta

Growing my visibility on social media and attracting my clients.

Learning how to attract my ideal client has changed everything for me.
Today I can proudly say that I feel so confident about what I have to offer. 

For the first time Cindy has taught me how to master my message. 

I don’t know how you measure miles but I know I have come along miles while working with Cindy.
– Rhonda Muller


Totally transformed my business.

Working with Cindy ticked all the boxes.

I feel more confident now more than never, her guidance and support is pure gold. 

With her guidance I have  mastered the confidence and knowledge to be seen on social media. 

I could never have done that without  Cindy.

My business has totally changed while working with Cindy

– Robyn Alexandrov

Working with Cindy Changed my business

Working with Cindy has  been invaluable in launching my business. 

I have gone from totally overwhelmed: not sure what to post and how to put my business out there on social media to confidence and clarity with a client attraction strategy that has grown my business more than I thought was possible.

– Brie Mc Cormack


Frequently Asked Questions:

That will depend on the package you choose.
We will discuss your budget and needs on our call.

3 months – 6 months

Yes we will tailor a package that suits your needs and business growth

Yes I write content that will increase engagement, build a loyal community and get clients reaching out to you.

Absolutely, you sign off on everything that I design and write before I post.


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