How to Start Journaling new

How to Start Journaling new

Learn how to start journaling today!

Once you learn how to start journaling you will be able to capture some of the millions of random thoughts in your head that are overwhelming.

Let’s do a mental cleanse and get your thoughts in your journal.

When great ideas come and go, how do I remember them?

Writing gets your thoughts out of your head and onto paper. It’s amazing how when you start, it’s like your pen has a life of its own: and magic happens.

A great benefit of journaling ideas is that you have them in one place. You can always go back to them and tweak them and add to them and publish them all from your journaling.

Starting a journal can be a big step. Like anything new, it always seems more difficult until we start. I must be honest, I don’t love journaling and I am not very good at journaling, but I do know and understand the benefits. So my advice is to just start and see where it leads you.

What do I write about?

I get the question all the time! I would advise starting a gratitude journal. You always have things to be grateful for and gratitude leads us to a higher level of feeling good, and recognizing just how fortunate we are (no matter where we are in life’s journey).

From there you can start journaling your frustrations. When you see them written down they are somehow easier to work out. Like when you are talking to a friend, don’t you find you can help them with their issues so much easier than your own. Well having them on paper is like helping a friend – your best friend – YOU.

What time should I write in my journal?

It may be easier to write in your journal at the same time every day: first thing in the morning or just before bed – remember this is your own special time, so do what is right for you.

Best place to write my journal?

I encourage you to write in a quiet place with little distraction so you get your thoughts flowing – it’s almost like meditation. Your own personal journey with your thoughts. This is your time, make it special.

What will journaling give me?

Journaling is a magnificent mental cleansing exercise. Just a few minutes with your journal can completely change your day. Your thoughts, worries, and dreams are out of your head and in your journal.